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About Me
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Just the Basics:

Name:   Mr. Giso
Birthday:       May 17
School:         Bates School
Hobbies:        Reading, painting, reading, traveling, and more reading!
Pets:   Toby, the shih tzu and Winston, the terrier mix
Favorites:      Sour candy, olives, iced coffee
Colleges:       Boston College, B.A. / Salem State College, M. Ed.
Certifications:         Elementary Education, Grades 1-6, Specialist of
                                 Reading, All Ages
Favorite Color:         Orange

A Bit More About Me:

This is my fifth year teaching first grade at Bates.  Before that, I was the Literacy Specialist/ Reading Coach for two years.  Way before that, I taught fourth grade for eight years.  All in all, this equals a lot of years at Bates!

•I am an adjunct professor at Salem State University where I teach course work on children's literature for undergraduate and graduate students.  Also, I teach a seminar for graduate students finishing up their Masters Degree in Elementary Education.  I have also worked as a graduate school supervisor for teachers wishing to get their license as a Reading Specialist.  You can say I love to teach both little students and BIG students!

•For television, I love to watch reality TV shows-- Survivor, Big Brother, The Apprentice, Dance Moms and Project Runway are some of my favorites.  

•My favorite things to do are to spend time with my family and friends, travel to warm places, walk my dogs Toby and Winston and collect Christmas ornaments.

•I rock a mohawk!

I have my own blog called Mr. Giso's Room to Read for teachers, parents and families.  Come by for a visit.