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Dear 1G Parents and Families,

Current research clearly proves that the one thing you can do at home to help your child learn to read is to either read aloud to your child, or listen to your child read aloud to you each day.  By reading aloud to your child, you help model for him/her what a good reader sounds like (attention to punctuation, grouping words into phrases, sounding like a character when reading dialogue, etc.)  By having your child read to you, he/she can get the much needed practice of putting the strategies of “what to do when I encounter a word I cannot read,” to work in a non- threatening manner.

In addition to your child’s nightly homework, I am asking you to have your child read and log what is read four nights a week for about 10 minutes.  Reading can take place in either one of the following three ways, but should be rotated regularly as the reading log demonstrates.  

1.  Your child reads to you.
2.  You read to your child.
3.  Your child reads in a quiet spot independently, receiving help when needed.

Your child may do this on the four nights convenient to you.  I know things get hectic!

After reading, please pick ANY box in the reading log.  Complete the date, book title and number of pages read.  You initial the box, and your child initials the box in the appropriate spots.  Next, write whom your child read to, OR who read to your child.  If your child reads independently, nothing is to be done.  Lastly, spend a minute or two talking about the prompt with your child.  

Each month, I will carefully choose thoughtful prompts to help your child respond to what is read.  Each prompt is different and may not apply to every book, which is why you may skip around on the book log to suit your needs.  The prompts stem from what your child is learning in class and are great ways to connect with your child after reading.

Please keep this log in your child’s HOMEWORK FOLDER.  Remember, your child should log what is read four nights a week.  I will check logs periodically, so please support me in keeping them updated in a timely manner.

As a reminder, Sight Word Journal checks continue to be on Friday, so please keep up the good work of having your child do a run through of these words each night.   Spelling Tests continue to be each Friday, so please have your child practice spelling these words for you each night as well.

Thank you so much for taking an active part in your child’s growth as a reader.  Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or feedback.
                                                        Happy reading,

                                                                Mr. Giso