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Sight Words
Sight Words
        Your child brought home a book of fifteen (15) high-frequency words (sight words).  These high-frequency words occur often in oral language, thus occur often in reading and writing.  As readers learn more, having many words that are quickly recognized helps to move the reading along so that problem solving is not necessary on each word; fluency is supported by a large number of easily recognized words.  Another reason children need to be taught sight words (or high-frequency function words) is that a large number of these words are not phonically regular.  For example, words such as the, one, and of do not conform to predictable letter-sound associations.
        The goal of this Sight Word Book is to have your child automatically read these high-frequency words.  The sight words your child brings home each week are being studied in class as well.  Each Friday, your child will bring his/her Sight Word Book to school and read them to me.  As your child reads them, a check will be put next to the word.  When your child receives three (3) checks on a word, the word is considered “mastered”.  Each Friday your child will receive new words in their Sight Word Book.  For the first three weeks, your child will get fifteen (15) new words.  In the weeks following, he/she will receive only ten (10) new words because the spelling program will begin and your child will be responsible for spelling words as well.  
        I encourage you to help your child study these words each night.  It should not take more than five (5) minutes total.  If your child misplaces his/her Sight Word Book, they will be responsible for making a new one (during recess time).  It may be helpful if your child kept their Sight Word Book in their Homework Folder so they know where it is at all times.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Larrabee

*Note:  Your child will have to read me their entire Sight Word Book at the end of December.