Bates House Points System

Bates House Points System
Bates House Points System

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The purpose of creating Houses is to build a sense of community, responsibility, belonging and spirit in our school with all our students, staff and community partners. 

The House System encourages participation in academics, character building and promotes leadership development.

The House System promotes a keen but good-natured rivalry between House teams to see who will win the House competition each year. 

By setting up a House System, we suspect that strong house loyalty and a sense of fun and friendly competition will capture the school atmosphere. 

The four houses at our school will be represented by AltruismoAmistadIsibindiReveur

Altruismo is the house of selflessness, the givers
Amistad is the house of friendship
Isibindi is the house of courage
Reveur is the house of dreamers

All students and staff members (teaching faculty, support staff, office staff, custodial staff, lunch attendants, student teachers) will be placed in a House. 

Once a student or staff member is placed into a house, they will remain in that house as long as they are at Bates. 

Each house will have student leaders and a staff leader. The student leaders will be students in grade 5 and it will be their responsibility to lead the members in their house in various activities and challenges to accumulate points for their house.

Each House has the opportunity to generate points for their House by actively participating in a number of activities that the staff has agreed can be awarded points such as but not limited to: 

  • Academic growth or achievements
  • Character growth or achievements
  • … as well as other events/competitions that may come up during the school year.

Points are never subtracted from a House or student for negative behavior. The House points are displayed and regularly updated. 

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