Tomorrow: Bates Neighborhood Meet-Up

Posted on: August 28, 2022

Good Evening,

Tomorrow we will be having a Bates Neighborhood Park Meetup from 8am -9 :30am to meet staff, share information and a Kindness Activity for kids. We will be sending our school staff to eight parks in the city:

  • Forest River (Playground)
  • Pickman Park
  • Mary Jane Park
  • Salem Common
  • Pequot Highlands
  • Loring Towers
  • McGrath Park. 
  • McGlew Park

 We look forward to meeting you in person! 

Attached is Teacher Locations.



Gavin Softic, principal

[Sunday, Aug 28 at 8:47 PM]
The goal of the meet-up is to meet other Bates families in your neighborhood and build community outside the school walls. We want all families to have accessibility to this event. We encourage you all to go to the park closest to you, but you may attend any of the meet-up locations you wish. Thank you!


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